Great Gatsby.Великий Гэтсби - Francis Scott Fitzgerald (арт.50152)

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Having frequently heard 'The Great Gatsby' being referenced in pop culture, I decided to read it.

I wasn't disappointed.

An easy, interesting read that revolves around the great Jay Gatsby and his neighbour (and narrator) Nick Carraway. Read it quickly as I was engrossed in the story line. Look forward to reading it many more times to analyse the characters and their development, as they are complex and engaging.

Be warned, this edition has small font! 

  • Автор
  • Издательство
  • Артикул50152
  • Thematic GroupНет
  • Author categoryДа
  • Вес0.0000
  • НовинкаНет
  • Специальное предложениеНет
  • EAN9780007368655
  • ISBN978-0-00736-865-5
  • Формат120x180мм
  • ЯзыкАнглийский
  • Колличество страниц192
  • ДоступностьНет в наличии
  • ПереплетМягкий
  • Год2012
  • Возрастная группаNo age group
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