History Year by Year - (арт.92002)

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  • Издательство
  • ЯзыкАнглийский
  • Колличество страниц512
  • Год2018

Join us on a journey through the ages, from the origins of our earliest African ancestors right up until the present day. History Year By Year will take you through history like never before; discover the events, cultures, inventions and ideas that have shaped the world in this innovative and visually impressive book that presents the 'who', 'where' and 'what' of history through our detailed timeline spanning from 3000BC to the present day. Find out facts that will amaze you, surprise you, and answer your burning questions about some of history's key events, such as the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, or the Space Race. Move seamlessly through history using dynamic timelines that highlight major themes and "stories of the year" as well as bite-sized detail with maps and collections relating to the events that shaped the world we live in today. Completely comprehensive yet perfect for browsing, History Year by Year is an essential addition to any family bookshelf, making the past accessible to everyone.

  • Издательство
  • Артикул92002
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  • EAN9780241317679
  • ISBN978-0241317679
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  • ЯзыкАнглийский
  • Колличество страниц512
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  • ПереплетТвердый
  • Год2018
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