AutoCAD 2002 Bible +CD - Ellen Finkelstein (арт.5068)

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The AutoCAD 2002 Bible will show you how to master the complexities of the world's most popular technical drawing program. This book covers everything you will ever need to know about AutoCAD, from fundamental commands to AutoLISP programming. You will also learn new techniques for creating high-quality 2D drawings, discover enhanced capabilities for 3D rendering, modeling, and shading. And you can customize AutoCAD to fit the way they work.

The AutoCAD 2002 Bible covers product enhancements first introduced with the AutoCAD 2000i interim software, including internet-driven design capabilities. Find out how you can now publish to the Web and collaborate with designers and customers on line. Also included is a loaded CD-ROM with more than 160 source and final drawings used in the examples and tutorials used throughout the book. In addition, you get more than 40 shareware and freeware programs, extensive parts and symbols libraries, and a complete third-party software reference guide.

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  • Артикул5068
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  • Год2002
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