Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Шпион, выйди вон!

  • Автор
  • Издательство
  • Артикул62957
  • Вес0.4100
  • ЯзыкАнглийский
  • ПереплетМягкий
  • ДоступностьНет в наличии
  • Колличество страниц422
  • Формат145x215мм
  • НовинкаНет
  • ISBN978-1-44-472817-0
  • EAN9781444728170
  • Специальное предложениеНет

The Circus has already suffered a bad defeat, and the result was two bullets in a man's back. But a bigger threat still exists. And the legendary George Smiley is recruited to root out a high-level mole of thirty years' standing - though to find him means spying on the spies. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is brilliant and ceaselessly compelling, pitting Smiley against his Cold War rival, Karla, in one of the greatest struggles in all fiction.

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