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Prepare yourself thoroughly for the TOEFL test
By usingPractice Tests for the TOEFL Test, you will:
Feel completely confident about how the TOEFL test works
Know what to expect on the day of the test
Improve your score through realistic practice

All you need to achieve your ideal TOEFL score:
Four complete TOEFL tests
A clear guide to how the TOEFL test works
A whole section full of useful tips on how to do well in the exam
Realistic design to imitate the online environment of the iBT
A CD (+ transcript) with accurate model Speaking and Listening papers
Answers and explanations for all four sections of the test (including model answers for Speaking and Writing
You can trust Collins COBUILD
Practice Tests for the TOEFL Testcontains a mini-dictionary with definitions based on COBUILD content. The 4.5-billion-word Collins Corpus is the world's largest database of the English language. It is updated every month and has been at the heart of Collins COBUILD for over 20 years.

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