Whisky: A Tasting Course - Eddie Ludlow (арт.94940)

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Taste your way to whisky wisdom.

The best way to find out about whisky is by drinking it. Perfect for the whisky curious, this truly hands-on handbook helps you to discover your own personal whisky style, opening up a world of new whiskies to enjoy.

  • Tailored tasting sessions steer you through the full spectrum of whisky's aromas and flavours - from the smoky tang of Islay peat to the sandalwood scents of Japanese oak.
  • Take a tasting tour and compare whiskies from the world's finest makers, including iconic Scottish distilleries and trailblazing craft producers.
  • Get the very best from your whisky, with insider tips on smart buying, making perfect food matches and mixing killer cocktails.
  • With 20 step-by-step tastings, and brimming with clear infographics and jargon-busting advice - as a gorgeous gift for any fan of the dram, this book hits the spot.
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  • Артикул94940
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